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How do dental implants improve a patient's confidence?

Dr. Bernee Dunson

Dr. Bernee Dunson, FAAID, DABOI/ID

How does credentialing benefit your patients?

Dr. Samy - Credentials

Dr. Shane Samy, FAAID

Ask an AAID Implant Expert


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Why are dental implants the best tooth replacement option?

Dr. Hochberg - General dental implant questions

Dr. David G. Hochberg, FAAID, DABOI/ID

AAID Presents: The Tooth

There are a lot of questions and misconceptions about dental implants. In this video series, created by credentialed dental implant dentists, discover “the tooth” about all things dental implants.

Can any dentist provide my dental implant?

AAID_VIDEO_1_Can_any_dentist_provide_my_dental_implant_ (3)


What are the health benefits of dental implants?

AAID - What are the health benefits of dental implants