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Dental implants provide a healthy tooth replacement option for adults of all ages, whether you were born without a tooth or have had to have teeth removed due to injury, infection or decay. Here are 5 advantages of dental implants, compared to alternatives such as dentures and bridges:

1. Feel, look, fit and function like healthy, natural teeth
2. Don't slip or click when you talk, eat or laugh
3. Stimulate bone and prevent changes in face shape and jaw deterioration 
4. Restore the ability to chew and eat healthy foods
5. Improve confidence and mental health


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Training & Expertise Matters

AAID-credentialed dentists invest significant time and energy into dental implant-focused training, above and beyond their basic dental and/or specialist education.

Because they have a thorough knowledge of all aspects of dental implants and treatment options, they understand the big picture — and they’re dedicated to putting your smile, your needs and your health first.

12 Questions to Ask When Choosing an Implant Dentist

Before selecting a dentist, it's important to ask the right questions. Download and bring this list of questions to your initial consultation.

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Dental Implants: Do you know all the facts? Take the quiz and find out!


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