Implant Dentistry: One of Many Dental Disciplines

August 23, 2023

If your general dentist has told you that you need your teeth straightened, you probably will be referred to an orthodontist. That is because orthodontists have received education in helping them learn the best outcomes to achieve straighter teeth. They are experts in this area of this practice.

Have you ever considered how much education your implant dentist has? Or how many areas of dentistry they must learn to become proficient? Implant dentistry is considered a specialty area because it requires education in many different disciplines, which include oral surgery, periodontology, prosthodontics, and restorative dentistry.  

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A Day in the Life of a Dental Implant Specialist

August 10, 2023

Experience is crucial when selecting a dental implant specialist. Lots of dentists today have completed training in dental implantology, but daily practice can be intricate, complex, and unpredictable. That’s why it’s important to choose a dentist with extensive experience performing these procedures, along with a skilled team and the necessary resources to handle any unexpected developments.

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5 Tips to Avoid Expensive Dental Costs

July 25, 2023

It can be easy to cut corners on simple practices, such as flossing or fluoride treatments, just because they feel too time-consuming. But the reality is, taking the time to care for your teeth now can help you avoid the need for implants, root canals, or other expensive treatments in the future.

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Immediate Implants: An Option You Should Consider

July 18, 2023

It often happens so quickly—a sudden fall, sports injury, accident, or trauma. One minute everything is fine and the next, a tooth is damaged beyond repair and needs to be removed. Traditionally, whether with implants or other restorative techniques, the tooth replacement and healing process could take several months. But now there is another option called immediate implants which can speed up the process and restore your smile right away.

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All-On-4 Dental Implant Problems And Complications

July 6, 2023

"I feel like it is my responsibility to make sure there is good information on the positives and negatives of All-on-4 dental implants and All-on-6. These are meant to inform you, not to alert you."

          Ramsey Amin DDS, FAAID, DABOI/ID

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Ted and Ed Entulous

May 8, 2023

When a dentist discovers a cavity, we immediately want to clean out the bacterial infection and fill the void left by the disease. When we see a missing tooth in someone’s mouth, our natural instinct is to fill the space with a new tooth as soon as possible! That is what dentists were trained to do.  That is the way that we improve our patients’ lives!

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Are Dental Implants a Treatment Option for TMJ?

September 19, 2022

Do you experience pain and jaw-popping symptoms of TMJ? Did you know that in some cases, misaligned teeth could cause TMJ? If you live with the painful sensations of TMJ and have misaligned teeth, continue reading to discover how dental implants can help alleviate your TMJ pain and provide you with a better smile with a full mouth dental reconstruction.

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Stick to the Facts About Dental Implants

August 31, 2022

Even after decades of successful use, I’m still surprised by how much misinformation or a lack of actual information circulates about dental implants. The best thing you can do as a consumer is to educate yourself and learn the facts. The most crucial point is that dental implants are the most permanent and reliable solution for replacing lost teeth.

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How Strong are Dental Implants?

August 24, 2022

First, it’s important to understand that no tooth replacement technique is as strong as natural teeth, so you want to keep your natural teeth as healthy as possible for as long as possible. However, in the course of a lifetime, most people will lose at least one tooth. Among the alternatives for dental restoration, dental implants are considerably stronger than bridges and dentures.

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Tooth Extraction? Get Dental Implants Right Away!

August 18, 2022

In the course of a lifetime, nearly everyone will lose at least one adult tooth.  Most people will lose about 12 teeth before they die.

I believe it is essential for everyone to know that you should consider dental implants before you lose a tooth. Too often I’ve seen patients who decided to wait to deal with the loss of a tooth, resulting in bone deterioration that caused greater complications and costs for restoration, especially with dental implants.

So, my goal with this post is to get the word out – if you’re having a tooth extraction, plan on replacing the tooth with a dental implant, from a credentialled dental implant expert, right away.

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